Unified Materials

The three pics are required from everyone and the confirmation of registration is me replying to it.

Since I taught this class before in the past, some of the lectures were recorded and made into videos to teach online during the corona pandemic. Some of these are audio from a “live” classes in 2018 and 2019, so you will hear occasionally the voices of students. That being said, the ones that were recorded in the beginnings of the first lockdown by myself sound super cheesy. Hey, it was corona, we were all going a little crazy.
If you don’t come to one of the two sessions, then please do the homework for that week. Or do the homework if it interests you.

Week 1

Old Intro Video:

Nota Bene: The intro video was of course recorded before the current events in Gaza, and the situation there is mentioned. There was also a discussion about anti-semiticism within the context of Jay Electronica and Louis Farrakhan, it was designed to be screened then discussed online.
Your Norwegian Homework is due: April 30th

Week 2

Defining Aesthetics 

OOOf. Lots of dead white dudes on this video, Your Philosophical Homework is due: May 7th

Week 3
Defining “Islam”

We obviously are not going to break into Zoom groups so there is no homework this week. You are welcome.

Week 4

Defining Muhammad

Week 5

The First Believers

Week 6

The Two Major Caliphates

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